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Adobe PDF file 2017 NHYFSC Calendar *- Rev 5-7-17 - Calendar of Events for the current season. This Calendar is subject to change

Microsoft Excel file AAA Academic Achievement Award Subjects- This lists the subjects that are considered in averaging the courses and which course category they should be included. 7-11-16

Microsoft Excel file AAA Academic Packet ~ Application 2016- Only rostered participants with a 90% or above from the previous academic year will be considered for Certificate of Recognition. Those rostered participants with a 96% or above and meet all requirements will be considered for scholarships. Refer to the Check List for all certificate and scholarship requirements. Revised 7-12-16

Adobe PDF file AAA Academic Parent Guide *- Guide to assist parents with submissions to the NHYFSC Academic Achievement Award Program

Adobe PDF file AAA Calendar 2016 *- Calendar showing the dates when specific items are due for the Academic Achievement Award program. 7-11-16

Microsoft Word file Academic Waiver 2017- This form is to be completed for those participants in the NHYFSC program that have not met the Academic Requirement of 70 percent and/or 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA). This form is also to be completed by home-schooled participants who are unable to provide proof of Academic fitness as required by the NHYFSC.

Microsoft Word file Anti-Bullying Contract- Document explaining various types of bullying, agreement to not participate in bullying and steps to take when bullying is observed. 2-2017

Adobe PDF file AYF/C Benefits of being a Member *- This document shows samples of some of the benefits of being a member of American Youth Football & Cheer

Adobe PDF file CDC Head's Up Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents *- Explains what a concussion is, signs and symptoms and action to take if you suspect a concussion has occurred.

Adobe PDF file EEE Fact Sheet *- What is Eastern Equine Encephalitis?

Adobe PDF file Football Schematic *- 2017

Microsoft Word file Heat Considerations

Adobe PDF file Heat Exhaustion *- Signs, Symptoms, and Preventative Tips

Microsoft Word file Injury Report Form- Used when a participant is hurt or injured during an approved association or NHYFSC event

Adobe PDF file Medical Clearance *- Form to be signed by appropriate medical personnel clearing each participant to participate. MUST be dated after January 1st of the current season. 2-2017

Adobe PDF file NHYFSC MBTI Brain Injury/Concussion Form *- Must be in the child's registration folder in the team book This form is to be signed by both the parent and child. 2-2017

Adobe PDF file Nutrition, Hydration, Heat Index *- This document will assist athletes in proper nutrition before an event or competition, proper hydration and signs of dehydration.

Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.